The Luxury of Choice in Telephone Technology

No matter what type of industry you run or business you manage, having a phone system that is efficient, offering multi-facetted functionality to attend to the many needs of a business – is imperative.

Because, frankly, when there is an interruption to equipment, there is also an interruption to your working environment – and no one has time for unnecessary “down time”. Which is why having the telephone technology and trained staff to attend to it, will make the difference between smooth operations and intermittent business.

At OCI, we analyze and repair all the product lines we sell, plus additional lines including: Nortel networks, BCM, Norstar, Meridian, Avaya, and Allworx…just to name a few.

Choice Makes a Big Difference in Telephone Technology

OCI enjoys the fact that Allworx gives our clients the luxury of choice in telephone technology. Whether needing systems support in analogue or VoIP phones, or any combination therein, we can help!

Understanding Your Telephone Technology Matters Too

Adapting to new technology is often a steep learning curve, which is why OCI educates our customers on each product, ensuring we make your communication education as effortless as possible.

Deciding Factors Within Your Telephone Technology

How do you decide whether to stay with analogue or switch to VoIP? OCI systems can help you determine which phone is right for you by assessing your needs – such as:

  • Advanced Multi-Site …which helps companies achieve multi-functional capabilities across all business locations
  • Automatic Call Distribution …which offers businesses the ability to adjust queued calls with a variety of options for any call centre needs
  • Call Assistant …which provides personal call management tools designed for smaller companies that need the added functionality of call management tools
  • Conference Centre …which delivers software capable of confidential conference calls with out-of-office and internal employees, as well as clients and business associates as needed

In addition, our systems offer: Dual Language Support, Interact, Reach, Mobility, Desktop Integration, Call Centre, Analytics, Security and Backup …and more!

Our services also include: Structured Cabling for Voice, Data, Coaxial, and Fiber optics, closed circuit television or CCTV camera technology, security card access readers, wireless access points, sales, service, installation, and troubleshooting… offering our clients optimal technology options and customer care from the first meeting, to every service call we provide thereafter!