Allworx VoIP System and New Softphones: Helping Businesses Thrive

Staying current with communication tools is important for all business. Whether digital or analogue, business owners want the best solution for their communication needs.

Allworx VoIP System and New Softphones are communication tools that OCI offers as one such solution. Each of which help businesses and employees alike streamline their daily workload.

Whether needing a phone system for your local business, or requiring a more diverse product for remote business locations, Allworx VoIP Systems can help your business thrive in these changing times.

Allworx VoIP System and New Softphones Explained

As mentioned on our website:

Allworx creates a seamless remote work environment that provides you with both an office and home phone, along with the PC softphone capabilities to streamline ‘business as usual’. How companies are operating might look different, but it doesn’t have to feel different when it comes to communication!


Whether your employees are in a single location or multiple sites, desk-bound or road-bound, Allworx offers solutions for each environment.

Allworx Features Include…

  • Up to 10 Cal Centre Lines
  • Multi-Site Support
  • Analytics
  • Mobility
  • Security and Backup
  • Desktop Integration

Why User Experience Matters for Softphones & Allworx Systems

Allworx VoIP System and New Softphones

Multi-functional communication systems are only as good as the user experience. Which means that business owners and employees alike need to find a system that works for their industry type.

With Allworx VoIP System and softphones, no added equipment is necessary to work remotely. Simply connect any mobile device to a home-based server, choose your own wireless network, and connect calls with your customers seamlessly.

Interact Softphones Make Remote Working Feel Like ‘Business as Usual’

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…in May of 2020, Allworx created a system known as ‘Interact Softphone’, which allows remote business owners the opportunity to utilize their laptops as a communication device using a Windows platform.

This allows business owners and their employees to make and receive calls, activate your status from anywhere you choose, interface with CRM software, record calls – and so much more!


If you are seeking communication solutions for your business, as an authorized Allworx Partner – OCI can help!

Call us at: (604) 855-9995, or feel free to fill out our Online Form. We are here to help you get the most out of your communication services, ensuring that your business and your employees are outfitted with the communication tools that will make life flow.

Learn more about the Allworx Softphone here.