Help to Better Serve Your Customers Over the Phone During Covid-19

We are all very well aware of the crisis we’re facing right now, both personally and professionally, as well as globally and locally – and people are eagerly seeking solutions to the new reality they find themselves in.

At OCI Systems – we are here to help you manage your customer relations as best we can through our business phone systems and solutions, allowing for the required social distancing without having to dismantle your company, but rather arming it with new ways of doing business.

Answering higher than usual call rates can quickly become overwhelming, so ensuring the right phone system are place to manage such things is imperative. In addition, expediting your services in ways that matter will count for a lot to your customers – and we’re here to help!

Unique Challenges Call for Unique Solutions

The majority of businesses now have to operate from home, and those who are still able to offer a store-front location, are those offering essential services. Regardless of which end of the business sector your find yourself on, your phone will continue to ring, and very likely at a much higher rate – and how you handle that can make all the difference to your customers, your employees and your business.

OCI understands the unique challenges businesses are facing when it comes to communication, and we are here to provide the most up-to-date technology for such demanding needs.

Whether your requirements are brand new business phone solutions, or you require re-cabling of your existing space to better manage incoming calls, along with troubleshooting and/or repairs – we can help!

With over 5-decades of combined experience, we have never seen a worldwide crisis quite like this, but we are well versed in providing our customers with communication solutions, and now is a time when we very much need such solutions to keep our businesses thriving.

We are a local company with our head office is located in Abbotsford BC, but we also offer communications services throughout BC as well as Alberta, and can be contacted at any time locally at (604) 855-9995 or toll-free at 1-855-624-2666.

We’re in this together and we are here to help in any way we can!