How Headsets Can Help Business Efficiency

Utilizing a headset can greatly improve efficiency in a company setting, and is simply good business. Effective communication tools will keep your business running smoothly, providing your staff with the most modern technology on the market, and allowing your business partners and customers the ability to connect without incident.

Headsets by Plantronics

At OCI Communications, we offer Plantronics headset that deliver the most productive system for your front desk personnel, delivering hands-free abilities, and allowing them to multi-task in a busy environment.

Plantronics headsets are designed for comfortable use by your staff, without causing any neck-strain, as is often the case with handheld devices. Whether your business includes a general office space, a busy call center, or you wish to have a headset for your car or home office, this hands-free and ergonomically appealing option makes sense for any business type or company setting.

In addition, you can choose a Headset by Plantronics that is wireless, corded, computer compatible, or mobile-ready.

Benefits of a Headset

Your front-end staff is one of the most important team members in your business. They are the face and voice of the company, so their comfort is paramount, and their efficiency is equally as important.

A headset can…

  • Reduce unnecessary back pain and fatigue caused by cradling a hand-held phone throughout the day
  • Help improve posture and reduce general discomfort
  • Increase work productivity by up to 43%, freeing up hands for computer use and note taking, among other things
  • Offer additional freedom to move around during phone calls
  • Enable the microphone to stay in place, so verbal transmissions stay consistent.

A headset is truly an important way to improve business, by offering your staff the ability to be comfortable, productive, and have the capacity to communicate with clients freely and easily, never missing a call or an opportunity for business.

At OCI Communications, we’re here to help you with your communication needs, and provide business solutions before a problem even has the chance to arise. So give us a call and let us know how we can help!