Increase Company Safety with a Security Camera Surveillance System

The Lower Mainland has seen an increase in brazen thefts in 2019 and into this new decade, and it’s an unfortunate reality businesses face and have to deal with on a variety of levels.

However, there are ways to help protect your business, better preventing or dissuading thefts from happening, or catching the culprits when and if it does happen. Which is where our Security Camera Surveillance Installation Services come in to help!

The Benefits of a Security Camera Surveillance installation

Theft, trespassing and property damage are all a concern for any business owner. Your property and inventory within it is costly overhead to keep, so it is well-worth looking into the benefits security camera surveillance from OCI Systems in Metro Vancouver – which includes:

  • Remote viewing of your security camera from your Smartphone or other digital device
  • Theft deterrent for those looking for businesses without security systems
  • Credible evidence to show police as needed
  • Peace of mind in knowing you have eyes on your business as you see fit
  • Potential insurance benefits
  • Employee security checks and an understanding that there is a healthy level of monitoring within the company

Having the peace of mind of what’s going on within your business – both when it is being overseen by employees, as well as what’s happening after hours, allows you to feel confident in your daily business dealings. As well, it gives you the confidence to leave your business at the end of the day, courtesy of security cameras keeping a watchful eye.

Installation of Smart Card Access Control

At OCI Systems, not only can we provide you with security systems such as camera surveillance and traditional alarm equipment, we also provide smart card access control, offering you a one-stop shop for all your business safety and security needs.

With the help of Smart Card Access Control, multi-tenant entry systems, CCTV cameras, DVAR, self-check monitoring, along with voice and data systems – your business is well-equipped and well-protected.

If you are interested in better securing your company, call to speak to one of our security specialist at 604-855-9995 or contact us by email. We look forward to helping better secure your business in 2020!