Norstar Systems Support – No Need to Put Your Business On Hold!

If you are a company that utilizes Norstar Systems and have concerns about the discontinuation of this product – we want to put your concerns at ease.

Although there has been concerns that Norstar phone systems might hold up business functions due to a lack of support; OCI Systems is here to tell you that there is no need to put your business or any of your customers on hold, because we are here to help!

OCI – Providing Uninterrupted Norstar Service

As the Lower Mainland’s #1 Business Phone Service Provider, we sell, install, program, maintain, repair, and provide temporary rentals as needed by your company.

As such, there is absolutely no need to replace your Norstar System, incurring further costs and training, when Norstar is still a fully functional, highly capable phone system that can meet the needs of your business without interruption or added cost to replace them.

Norstar Phone Systems – Still Fully Operational and Managed

It’s true – Nortel Norstar or BCM telephone system sales have been discontinued, but the operations and management of them has not. Across all of BC, OCI is proud to provide our clients with updates, parts, and maintenance to ensure their phone systems are fully functional and keep business moving as usual.

Keep in Mind – New Does Not Mean “Better”

There is always a push by various companies to get the “latest and greatest” – but new does not always mean better. In fact, the media has reported how new phones are literally programmed to become faulty after a given amount of time, requiring consumers to constantly upgrade, which comes at both a cost – and an inconvenience.

We’re here to help prevent that by protecting your communication equipment investment, offering ongoing support and full emergency coverage.

OCI Prevents Downtime By Keeping You Up and Running

Replacing any system cost money, takes time, and requires staff training to help them understand the new product. Which is why we are here to help you keep your Nortel system up and running as long as you choose to utilize their product.

If your equipment needs service or repairs, give us a call. Our factory-trained staff will quickly analyze and repair your system, including Nortel networks, BCM, Norstar, Meridian, Avaya, Allworx – and more!