Nortel – No Longer Manufactured, but Still Maintained!

There is a misconception out there that Nortel phone systems are unavailable, have fallen to the wayside to other more “effective” phone systems, or are un-useable in today’s business marketplace because repair and maintenance no longer exists for this brand of phone.

However, we are here to dispel that rumor and let you know – the Nortel phone system is still fully effective, efficient, and we can help you maintain them!

Saving on Added Communications Costs

At OCI Communications, we continue to help business owners maintain their Nortel phone needs. Whether that’s selling Nortel phones or phone parts, servicing them in whichever way necessary, as well as installing and/or programming your Nortel device.

Some other communications companies might have you believe that Nortel delivers an inefficient or ineffective phone system that no longer provides businesses with the efficiencies of a newer systems, but this is not true.

Nortel Phone System Features:

  • Conference Calling
  • Unified Messaging and Instant Messenger
  • Auto-Set Relocation
  • Call Forwarding
  • Silent Call Recording
  • Variety of Voice Mail Capabilities

…and more!

If your company has been happy with the communication features of Nortel, and you would prefer to stay on budget and not have to dig deep for a new communications system and phone module, then stick with your tried and true system you currently have.

At OCI Communications, we will never sell you something that will not further build your business in a realistic way. That is why we have found it an important and beneficial service to maintain that which our customers already have – including the Nortel phone system.

So don’t feel obligated or pushed into buying a new telephone communication system for your business. Allow us to take what you have and maintain it, keeping your costs consistent, and your systems efficient!