OCI Joins Avetta to Help Connect Organizations with Qualified Suppliers

At Olympic Communications Inc. (OCI), we understand the importance of staying relevant with the needs of our customers, providing them with real-time solutions and advice for their communication needs. Which is why we have become a Certified Avetta Vendor, ensuring we can connect the world’s leading organizations with qualified suppliers, contractors and vendors!

Avetta Explained…

Avetta helps to mitigate risk within their supply chains, while simplifying the engagement and evaluation of suppliers, ensuring that unique operating requirements are addressed no matter your industry type.

In addition, Avetta’s supply chain management solution removes administrative overhead and reduces the cost of qualifying, managing, and monitoring contractors and suppliers.

Being a Certified Avetta Vendor means we are able to help industries ranging from Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Transportation, Communications – and more, reduce risk and streamline communication processes while driving results and fostering sustainable growth for our clients.

Why Qualified Avetta Vendors Matter

Whether you are a small start-up business or a large corporation – having a Qualified Avetta Vendor servicing your communication needs, plays an imperative role in keeping business running smoothly while enhancing success.

As a certified Avetta company, we are able to help connect the communications world with the companies that want to stay on top of their game, spearheading logistics locally or across Canada.

At OCI, we provide communications sales, installations, repairs, programming, moves, adds, changes of business telephone systems, VOIP, SIP, Unified messaging, mobility, cabling, wireless access points, closed circuit television, card access readers, security systems – and the servicing needs within all of these areas.

With over 50 years of combined experience, along with an unblemished reputation, our fundamental drive is to help our customers remain secure and improve upon their success. We stand apart from our competitors with continual upgrades to how we do business – such as our acquired Avetta Certification.

Contact us to see how we can improve your company’s communication systems, or request a free quote from us to see why we are the most cost effective, Qualified Avetta Vendor for your business in the Lower Mainland or across Canada!