Security Camera Surveillance Systems & Smart Card Access

Security Camera Surveillance & Smart Card Access Installations for Commercial, Industrial & Multi-Family Buildings

Get Security Camera Surveillance installation services from the experts

If you are experiencing theft or trespassing at your business or home, it is time to consider the benefits of security camera surveillance. Your inventory is expensive and worth the time and effort to learn about security camera surveillance installation services from OCI Systems. Once your security cameras are installed you can view your security cameras remotely on your smartphone or tablet devices.

Always know what is happening at the warehouse or job site with security camera surveillance

It is important to know the activities happening at the warehouse or job site when you are not there.  Your staff will feel more secure knowing that surveillance cameras are recording all the activity around the work site.  Security cameras often deter theft and in the case of theft, you will be able to hand over your security camera surveillance videos to the police for them to take appropriate action against the right person.

Installation of Smart Card Access Control available now

Security systems such as access control, camera surveillance & traditional alarm equipment allow OCI Systems the opportunity to offer a turnkey or a one stop shop for all your communications needs.

In today’s ever changing technology world we can provide you with product and service support in security systems, Smart card access control, multi-tenant entry systems, CCTV cameras, DVAR, Monitoring, Surround sound, Voice and Data systems. Or even provide support with your existing technology setup.Talk to security specialist at OCI Sytems now.  Call 604-855-9995 or contact us by email