Reconfiguring Your Phone System to a Remote Working Environment

At OCI, we have helped many businesses transition into a remote working environment. One of our areas of expertise is to help reconfigure phone systems for those looking to relocate their employees from a static workspace, into a more dynamic working environment – such as ‘work from home’ options.

This blog will uncover how we can help you make that transition, and what you should be mindful of in doing so.

Transitioning to a Remote Working Environment

Transitioning to a remote working environment has become increasingly common, and with it, the need for adaptable business phone systems has grown.

In a recent blog post, we explore how businesses can smoothly transition to working remotely, while also maintaining effective communication through the right phone system.

Here’s a point-form breakdown of what businesses should be aware of when making these changes.

  • Understanding Remote Work Challenges
  • Choosing the Right Phone System
  • Considering VoIP Solutions
  • Discussing Cloud-Based Systems
  • Ensuring Security
  • Training and Support
  • Integration with Collaboration Tools
  • Monitoring and Analytics
  • Maintaining a Professional Image
  • Adapting to Change

By addressing these key points, businesses can successfully transition their work environment, while maintaining effective communication through a suitable phone system that meets their daily demands and customer call volume.

Overall, business phone solution are essential for remote work as it enables effective communication, collaboration, and professionalism – and OCI is here to help!

Communication Relocation Services

As discussed on our communication relocation page

Business Phone System additional features, moves, and business phone system changes can increase an organization’s profitability by creating a more efficient and positive atmosphere in which to work.

Adding on to a business telephone system can give users the tools that can help them achieve maximum results when it comes to customer service and responsiveness.

We’re here to help! For a more detailed exploration of these topics, check out our blog posts on ‘The Benefits of Downsizing Your Business Phone System in Vancouver’ or 10 Reasons Why Business Phones for Remote Work Matters

We look forward to discussing how we can make your transition to working remotely a smooth one. Feel free to call us at (604) 855-9995, toll free at 1-855-624-2666 or via email.

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