Structured Cabling Service in Vancouver: The Optics of Fiber Optics

At OCI, we deliver structured cabling service in Vancouver and across the Lower Mainland. We are here to help businesses thrive, supporting them in ways that are the backbone to any industry; communication tools.

The Optics of Fiber Optics

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A fiber-optic cable is made up of incredibly thin strands of glass or plastic known as optical fibers; one cable can have as few as two strands or as many as several hundred. Each strand is less than a tenth as thick as a human hair and can carry something like 25,000 telephone calls. So an entire fiber-optic cable can easily carry several million calls. The current record for a “single-mode” fiber (that’s explained below) is 178 terabits (trillion bits) per second—enough for 100 million Zoom sessions (according to fiber expert Jeff Hecht)!

In a previous blog, we also discussed how installing fiber optics could help your business, stating…

Securing fast internet for your business is imperative in today’s workplace. Installing fiber optics in the Fraser Valley can help your business in many ways beyond speed – including…


As mentioned, fiber optics provide a fast and reliable way to ensure your internet connect remains strong.


Losing speed or connection is simply not an option when deadlines are constantly at play, and ‘getting business done on time is a factor. Fiber optics takes speed out of the slow lane and into the passing lane.


Sharing content online does not come without some risk of exposure. Even the highest profile public companies have come under scrutiny for failing to secure people’s private information.

Structured cabling delivers on a plethora of important factors within any industry, and our services can assist you with that.

Structured Cabling Service in Vancouver

We mention on our Products & Service Page how our Structured Cabling Service in Vancouver addresses various communication tools. Some of which include…

  • Structured Cabling. We offer planning, installation, and testing of structured cabling systems
  • Voice, Data and Coaxial installations
  • Fiber optics Installations …we supply and install fiber optic cable and all associated equipment for a total turnkey end-to-end solution.
  • Backbone and Demarcation
  • Scissor lift – Boom lift installation

Ready to harness the power of Structured Cabling Service in Vancouver? OCI can help – and we look forward to doing so!