The Advantages of a Conference Phone for Your Business

A conference phone is essential for all business types, as it allows for multiple individuals to converse worldwide, in a clearly audible fashion.

Clear and accurate communication may even be one of the most essential business requirements, so leaving that up to more modern choices, such as a cellular phone, can often lead to poor reception, scattered connectivity, dropped calls, confusion and frustration.

At OCI Communications, we offer the Polycom conference phone perfect for any conference room setting, delivering high level of audio clarity for concise conference calling without technical interruptions.

Polycom has always been dedicated to developing and implementing new technologies in audio processing, noise reduction, system integration, and microphone compensation, ensuring that every hurdle is addressed before it even becomes an area of concern for companies who use their technology.

The Benefits of Polycom Conference Phones

  • Polycom HD voice technology delivers such heightened clarity, it’s as though the person or people you are communicating with were sitting right in front of you.
  • The Polycom extended microphone range allows for sound that is loud and clear, and smart microphones focus on the user who is speaking without picking up on external sounds.
  • Likewise, interference from wireless devices do not become a concern and background noise is removed.

The Difference of a Polycom Conference Phones

  • Patented acoustic technology, and enterprise-grade audio quality lets everyone contribute and be heard in every conversation.
  • Investment protection that includes Broadsoft, Microsoft Lync and Skype for Business.
  • Specialized accessories that allow individual business needs and communications styles to be addressed.

At OCI Communication, we understand that whether your business calls extend across town, or across the globe, remote collaboration involving multiple speakers requires crystal clarity to operate effectively. And in the multi-cultural setting we have in this modern age of doing business, a variety of languages, dialects and accents require pristine call quality in order to overcome any additional factors in being heard and understood by your fellow business partners and clients.

So if you are looking to enhance your business practices with a conference phone for your company, call us – we can help!