Top 5 Benefits of Structured Cabling for Your Business

At OCI Systems, we offer structured cabling for your business that includes – planning, installation and testing of structured cabling systems, single mode fiber, multi-mode fiber, demarcations and more.

We understand the many business benefits of installing structured cabling, which we want to share!

Top 5 Benefits of Structured Cabling for Your Business

Structured Cabling for Your Business

Here are the top 5 benefits of structured cabling for your business, helping you decide whether this is an investment worth considering.

Structured Cabling Is…

  1. Easy to Manage – capable of organizing data swiftly and safely
  2. Adaptable – making it ideal for growing or bustling businesses, giving them uninterrupted bandwidth
  3. Little to No Downtime – as mentioned in our previous blog

Technological cloud-based systems have built-in redundancy, ensuring that calls can be rerouted in the event of system failures. As far as we’ve come with technology, disasters still do happen – but improved technology also means that employees can still make and receive calls during unexpected disruptions.

  • Cost Effective – between the one-time setup costs, reliability, and efficient troubleshooting methods, structured cabling can help businesses maintain streamlined processes within their company
  • Support Friendly –  giving you the option to add in such things as video conferencing, audio video enhancements or VoIP system as needed, or troubleshoot when needed

Other selling features include:

  • Flexibility
  • Broad Spectrum Support of Various Systems
  • Secure Data Transfers
  • Uninterrupted Streamlined Communication

Our Structured Cabling Voice, Data and Coaxial Installations Include…

  • All media type capabilities
  • Installation of all associated equipment and supplies – from the main distribution frame to the jacks and beyond.
  • Installation of patch panels for voice and data in any manufacturer requested of all colours and lengths.
  • Converging voice and data products through certified cabling infrastructures

In addition, we are able to manage difficult to reach areas through our flat cabling products.

Our Fiber Optics Installations Include…

  • Supplying and installing fiber optic cable and all associated equipment for a total turnkey end-to-end solution
  • Splicing, labeling and testing
  • Single or multi-mode options throughout

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