Understanding the Benefits of Peripheral Equipment Rentals & Sales

When you require added equipment to ensure a business meeting or presentation goes as needed, our Peripheral Equipment Rentals & Sales are here to assist you. Whether your company needs a long-term solution or your needs are for immediate temporary use; there are many benefits to both rentals and sales which we want to share.

Understanding the Benefits of Peripheral Equipment Rentals & Sales

Technology is ever-changing –  and in the business world, sometimes it is difficult to keep in-step with the equipment needs that go along with it.

That’s where the benefits of our peripheral equipment rentals and sales can come in to help. Here’s how…

Cost & Time Savings

Whether having to take the time to track down equipment for sale, or seeking short-term solutions, we can save you on both the cost of time, as well as budget according to your needs.


Having the ability to rent equipment for short-term projects or presentations can allow for the flexibility necessary, without a long-term commitment to purchasing equipment you don’t need for regular use.

Other added benefits include:

  • Access to Advanced Technology
  • Try Before You Buy
  • Support
  • Write-Off Benefits
  • Space Savings
  • Convenience

Peripheral equipment rentals and sales offer various advantages, and OCI is here to assist you with all of the above.

Peripheral Equipment Rentals & Sales in Vancouver

Peripheral Equipment Rentals

As mentioned on our equipment rentals and sales page, we offer*:

  • Headsets by Plantronics and GN Netcom
  • Paging Systems by Bogen
  • Wireless Systems by Spectralink
  • Conference telephones by Polycom
  • Off Premise Extensions by MCK
  • Battery backup systems by APC
  • Data racks and enclosures by mid Atlantic.
  • OCI rents complete multiline telephone systems for your temporary project.
  • OCI also offers a complete line of refurbished Telephone and voicemail systems, at a fraction of the cost of new.
  • OCI has a Hosted PBX option if you do not want to purchase equipment.
  • Leasing options available.

Curious to know more? Contact us for all of your peripheral equipment rentals or sales needs


We are not affiliated with or make any representation for any of the above manufacturers, or communication service provider. We know what equipment and services are available on the market and can advise you, without bias, on what we feel are the best solution for your company’s unique requirements.