Vancouver Business Phone Service: How Business Phone Systems Streamline Office Processes

As a Vancouver business phone service provider, our business phone systems help to streamline office processes in a variety of ways. And with 2023 less than a week away, we want to explain how; helping business owners plans for a more efficient New Year!

How Business Phone Systems Streamline Office Processes

Business phone systems are designed to streamline and improve communication within an office or organization. These systems provide a range of features that can help to improve efficiency and productivity, including:

  • Extension Dialing:

Employees can easily connect with each other by dialing extensions rather than having to remember phone numbers.

  • Call Routing:

Calls can be automatically routed to the appropriate person or department, reducing the need for receptionists to handle calls and transfer them manually.

  • Voicemail:

Employees can access voicemail messages from any phone, even if they are not at their desk. This can help to ensure that important messages are not missed.

  • Call Forwarding:

Calls can be forwarded to another phone or voicemail if the intended recipient is not available. This can help to ensure that calls are always answered, even if an employee is away from their desk.

  • Conference Calling:

Business phone systems often include conference calling capabilities, allowing employees to participate in meetings remotely.

Vancouver Business Phone Service

Vancouver Business Phone Service

As explained on our Nortel phone systems page

Choosing a telephone system for your business doesn’t have to be complicated. It all begins with a Norstar – Meridian – BCM integrated system, the foundation of your business communications. Next step is adding the right telephones. Then, you can enhance your communication with specialized applications like messaging and integrated voice and data. Norstar – Meridian – BCM even offers applications for call centers, computer-telephony integration, and interactive voice response. And if your job keeps you moving around your workspace or workplace, check out the Norstar – Meridian – BCM mobility solutions.

At OCI, our Vancouver Business Phone Service is here to improve communication and collaboration within your organization, helping to increased efficiency and productivity.

Allow us to assist you in 2023 – regardless of which business telephone system you choose to utilize!