VOIP – What It Is and How It Can Serve Your Company

At OCI, we are continually looking for new and innovative ways to serve the communication needs of our customers, which is why our Allworx VOIP systems are worth knowing about and considering, in order to enhance the day-to-day functions of your business and client relations therein.

What Is VOIP?

VOIP represents: ‘Voice Over Internal Protocol’, and allows calls to come in no matter how backlogged your data networks (such as the Internet) might be.

The bigger your business, the more data-related inner workings it is likely taking on, which is why a highly functioning VOIP system is so imperative to the steady flow of communication.

There’s a lot of other jargon that goes into explaining VOIP, such as analogue samples, conversions and numeric data – but in short, what you as a business owner needs, is the ability to hold conversations with your clients that are uninterrupted and easily audible, which our systems create.

Why Choose VOIP

VOIP allows for your telecommunications to take on advancements that other systems may not. Traditional phone lines and hard wiring haven’t changed a whole lot since the telephones inception in 1876, accept within the last 10-years or so with the use of wireless cellular phones.

However, with hardwired data networks being the major mainframe for all types of businesses, taking advantage of VOIP systems will allow your company to grow and communication to grow within it without interruption.


Regular phone lines are referred to as POTS, or – Plain Old Telephone Service, offering looping that requires dedicated wires for such telecommunications, transmitting your voice through wires.

Digital phone systems convert that voice transmission into digital format similar to VOIP, and allows for easier person-to-person calls with added benefits such as caller ID.

Where a digital phone system has dedicated bandwidth for calls, VOIP offers a shared bandwidth system that allows for other applications to be used simultaneously. This capitalizes on sharing the same data network for multiple functions, offering flexibility such as still utilizing your email, file sharing, Internet browser etc.

We understand that business can be difficult, but your phone systems shouldn’t be complicating your business – whatsoever. Which is why OCI is here to help simplify your systems without foregoing the technical details business requires today in order to be productive, ensuring your company can do business with ease and without interruption!