Create Better Communication Solutions this Fall With Allworx Service

Whether in our personal lives, or in our business dealings – we can all likely agree that creating better communication solutions is an effective way to do life.

Which is why OCI would like to bring your attention to our Allworx Service, offering adaptable, interactive, dual language communication services that bring your landlines and mobility providers to new heights!

Upgrade Your Communication Service to Enhance Business Function

Fall is an excellent time to regroup and take stock of your best business practices. What is and isn’t working well within your company, overhead expenses, and how you can function more efficiently and more cost effectively can all play into your communication services.

Allworx Communication Technology Can Help You…

  • Enhance your customer service
  • Streamline business both locally and abroad
  • Reduce output while increasing productivity

Without staying current with technology advances, you are truly cutting yourself short. Growing alongside the ever-changing communication world is well worth knowing about and considering – and OCI is here to help!

Landlines Are Still a Business Must

Did you know 74% of business owners in the US alone have said that voice communication remains very important to their business operationsYet the vast majority of businesses are still unfamiliar with telecommunications terminology such as IP telephonyhosted PBXIP PBXvirtual PBXSIP trunks, or Unified Communications.

This statistic would not fall short here in Canada either, and as leading communication specialists in BC, we are familiar with our customer’s needs and their customer demands right alongside them.

Want to learn more about our Allworx communication services that can serve your business? Click HERE!

Common Business Communication Needs We Deliver On:

  • 3-way calling
  • Intercom capabilities
  • Conference call connectivity
  • The ability to play music while your customers are on hold
  • Inter-office extensions for co-worker communications

As a proud distributor of Allworx Connect Systems, OCI Communications offers the beneficial phone features business owner’s are looking for to enhance their communication needs.

Whether you have a small local group of employees, or hundreds of employees across many locations, Allworx Connect offers affordable phone features and packages for all business types and sizes, which we would be happy to educate you on this fall!