How Structured Cabling & Fiber Optics Aids In Business

Whether you company has recognized it’s need for new cabling, or perhaps requires someone to troubleshoot their existing cable capabilities, new standards and quality of cable and fiber optics are continuously being developed and enhanced to meet the growing demands of business.

The Importance of Staying Current with Cabling

It is important to keep current with the latest proliferations in cabling in order to keep business humming along at an uninterrupted pace. Ongoing cable testing via professionals such as OCI Communications provides increased assurance that your cabling links are running at optimal capacity, and that they are transmitting data effectively within your business.

The Fuss About Fiber Optics

There has been much buzz about fiber optics cabling in recent years, and rightly so as it plays an important role in the transfer of information within the Internet, along with telephone systems and cable TV.

The fiber optics cabling itself is made from long, flexible, hair-width strands of ultra-pure glass. Yes – glass. Optic fibers transfer data over great distances in mili-seconds, so part of the process is played out within the highly reflective properties and mirror effects within the fiber. It is all quite scientific (if not even sci-fi) in the actually operational process of it, but it has been one of the greatest advancements to enhance technology in fairly recent years, and continues to allow information to be transmitted within offices or around the world seamlessly.

Fiber Optics Installations

At OCI Communications we supply and install fiber optic cable and all associated equipment for a total turnkey end-to-end solution. Including: fiber patch panels, patch cables, cable management, splicing, labeling and testing.

Structured Cabling

In addition, we supply and install buried cable, aerial cable, entrance cable, backbone cable, riser cable and demarcation, as well as install telephone, data, and coaxial cabling for townhouses, multi-tenant units, and high rise buildings.

At OCI Communications we understand the unique challenges that today’s businesses face when it comes to communication, and look to quickly find solutions to those challenges. Whether you are looking for structured cabling, or wish to install fiber optic cable – we can help!