Protect Your Business with a Security Camera Surveillance System in Vancouver

If your business is seeking a security camera surveillance system in Vancouver or the surrounding communities – OCI Systems can help!

We are not simply a sought out communications company; we also provide services such as

  • programing
  • Unified messaging
  • mobility
  • cabling
  • wireless access points
  • closed circuit television
  • card access readers

…and security systems – to help protect your business and your employees.

The Benefits of Camera Surveillance for Your Business

Regardless of the nature of your business, without a surveillance system – you have no visually recorded proof of what or who has had access to your company.

It is always the hope that nothing bad, such as theft or vandalism, will happen to your business. But the truth of the matter is – bad things do unfortunately happen.

So adding in an extra layer of accountability can help you recover stolen property through police, or account for what has happened within your business to your insurance company.

In addition, having security cameras set up will help your staff feel better protected and deter unlawful behaviour from both outside and inside your place of business.

Security Camera Surveillance System in Vancouver


If you are experiencing theft or trespassing at your business or home, it is time to consider the benefits of security camera surveillance. Your inventory is expensive and worth the time and effort to learn about security camera surveillance installation services from OCI Systems. Once your security cameras are installed you can view your security cameras remotely on your smartphone or tablet devices.

In the unpredictable reality of today’s society, installing a Security Camera Surveillance System in Vancouver can provide peace of mind.

Allow us to help support you and your business through our security systems, Smart Card access control, multi-tenant entry systems, CCTV cameras, DVAR – or any combination of such monitoring systems.

Talk to security specialist at OCI Systems now by calling 604-855-9995 or contact us by email. We look forward to helping you and your staff better manage the unpredictable, so you can all focus on the task at hand!