The Benefits of Installing Structured Cabling for Your Business

At OCI Systems, we offer structured cabling services that includes – planning, installation and testing of structured cabling systems for CAT5e, CAT6, single mode fiber, multi-mode fiber, demarcations and more.

With so many individuals and businesses alike using wireless networks for their electronic devices, the benefits of structured cabling systems increases for companies seeking to maintain a quick and constant source of connectivity without interruption or slowing down their lines of communication – no matter what form that might be.

Our Structured Cabling Voice, Data and Coaxial Installations Include…

  • All media type capabilities
  • Installation of all associated equipment and supplies – from the main distribution frame to the jacks and beyond.
  • Installation of patch panels for voice and data in any manufacturer requested of all colours and lengths.
  • Converging voice and data products through certified cabling infrastructures

In addition, we are able to manage difficult to reach areas through our flat cabling products, ensuring even the most “hard to wire” locations can be reached.

Our Fiber Optics Installations Include…

  • Supplying and installing fiber optic cable and all associated equipment for a total turnkey end-to-end solution
  • Splicing, labeling and testing
  • Single or multi-mode options throughout

Our structured cabling services, offered throughout the Lower Mainland and across BC, provide telecommunication capabilities for businesses that simply cannot be beat. Whether you are a digital marketing company with multiple platforms running at all times, or require voice or video signals that are uninterrupted, or run a secure building which your alarm system requires a robust network that will not fail or waver – structured cabling delivers simplicity, minimizes or even eliminates downtime, offers adaptive technology types and flexibility within a building or office, and is easy to manage.

All of the Conveniences, None of the ‘Heavy Lifting’

At OCI Systems – we do all the hard labour for you! We will supply and install buried cable, aerial cable, entrance cable, backbone cable, riser cable and demarcation. In addition, we will supply and install phone, data and coaxial cabling for townhouses, multi-tenant units and high-rise buildings.

If your business is in the midst of restructuring, we can also provide temporary services for new construction and renovations to help you manage the one thing that keeps businesses afloat – communication!

Curious to know more? Call us at: (604) 855-9995, or feel free to fill out our Online Form for more details about our structured cabling throughout Vancouver and the surrounding areas, and discover how we can help your business thrive.