The Top 3 Reasons for Security Camera Surveillance Systems

At OCI, we specialize in a variety of business communication products and services,  as well as provide security camera systems to help maximize businesses safety, employee safety, and other important safety measures that we want you to be aware of.

#1 – Video Surveillance Systems Protects Your Company

Unfortunately, criminal activity can take place inside or outside any place of business, which is why video surveillance is an important measure to take in order to protect your company.

Having a surveillance system in place can help the authorities quickly begin their investigation with accurate information, ensuring you get back to business as usual as soon as possible.

As well, displaying signage that your business is protected by a surveillance system, also acts as a deterrent to those looking to target your company, or even unscrupulous employees who might take advantage of your business if they knew no one was looking.

#2 – Video Surveillance Systems Protects Your Employees

As a business owner, not only do you want to feel protected from potential criminal activities, your employees also want to feel safe in their workplace.

With a video surveillance system in place in parking lots or large outdoor areas, it helps to put unease at bay, while once again deterring potential criminals through an apparent video presence.

#3 – Video Surveillance Systems Encourages Productivity

We can all admit to needing some down time every once and a while, but having employees who take advantage of the “when the cat is away, the mice will play” mentality, is not a productive nor profitable environment for any company.

With video surveillance monitoring, both managers and employees have a “hands off” monitoring system, with the understanding they need to respectfully accomplish their tasks, work as a team, and get the job done.

This way, businesses can maintain their workflow without micro-managing, timelines, helping them to better meet budgets, and all other pertinent bottom dollar business agendas. 

At OCI, we provide Security Camera Surveillance installation services, which can be remotely accessed on your Smartphone or tablet devices, making it easy to manage and maintain the corporate safety both inside and outside your company.

In today’s ever changing technology-advanced world, we can provide you with product and service support in security systems including: Smart card access control, multi-tenant entry systems, CCTV cameras, DVAR, Monitoring, Surround sound, as well as Voice and Data systems.

If you are interested in better securing your company, give us a call at 604-855-9995 or contact us by email …we look forward to helping you keep your business and employees safe!