The Benefits of Structured Cabling for Your Business

Structured cabling for your business is a standardized approach to cabling infrastructure that provides a comprehensive and organized network solution. It involves the installation of a cabling system that integrates data, voice, and video systems to create a reliable and efficient communication network. Curious about the benefits? Take a look…

Equipping Remote Work Employees With Effective Communication Tools

Seeking to equip your employees, who work remotely, with effective communication tools? OCI is here to help with that through a variety of services, products and suggestions. Equipping Remote Work Employees A hybrid work environment has, in recent years, become the norm. This new norm comes with both advantages and

Business Phone Service in BC

Serving our community matters to us. Many turn to our business phone service in BC for our longstanding support and assistance within our far-reaching community of customers. In fact, did you know OCI has an A+ rating on BBB? Take a look here. Business Phone Service in BC As mentioned