How Smart Card Access Can Help Keep Your Business Safe in BC

Smart Card access has become an important safety feature, both within commercial and residential spaces. And at OCI, we provide access control, camera surveillance, and traditional alarm equipment for our Lower Mainland customers, to help improve security and peace of mind! How Smart Card Access Can Help Keep Your Business

Reconfiguring Your Phone System to a Remote Working Environment

At OCI, we have helped many businesses transition into a remote working environment. One of our areas of expertise is to help reconfigure phone systems for those looking to relocate their employees from a static workspace, into a more dynamic working environment – such as ‘work from home’ options. This

Why Structured Cabling for Commercial Businesses Matters

In this digital-forward era, businesses rely heavily on technology for their operations, and the backbone of an efficient network infrastructure lies in structured cabling for commercial businesses. Whether you have a small start-up, or a large corporation, having a well-designed cabling system is paramount for seamless communication, data transfer, and

The Benefits of Downsizing Your Business Phone System in Vancouver

Downsizing your business phone system in Vancouver, or the surrounding communities, can offer several benefits. Whether your entire company is downsizing, or you are moving to a hybrid ‘work from home’ environments, there can be a variety of benefits OCI would like to share with you on reducing your communication

10 Reasons Why Business Phones for Remote Work Matters

Business Phones for Remote Work plays an important role for a variety of reasons. As we move into a new year, OCI is here to help local companies with their communication tools, ensuring ongoing or increased success for 2024! 10 Reasons Why Business Phones for Remote Work Matters Remote work

How to Ensure You Hire a Reliable Communication System Provider

‘Reliable’ is a keyword that holds utmost importance when it comes to – all things. From personal relationships to business relationships. Which makes ensuring you hire a reliable communication system provider imperative.  So, how can you mitigate this? Allow us to make some suggestions. How to Ensure You Hire a