Structured Cabling

At Olympic Communications Inc. (OCI Systems), we are a team of local Lower Mainland professionals who provide structured cabling support and installations for clients across the region. From planning to installation, as well as testing of your structured cabling systems for CAT5e, CAT6, single mode fiber, multi-mode fiber, demarcations –

The Advantages of a Conference Phone for Your Business

A conference phone is essential for all business types, as it allows for multiple individuals to converse worldwide, in a clearly audible fashion. Clear and accurate communication may even be one of the most essential business requirements, so leaving that up to more modern choices, such as a cellular phone,

How Headsets Can Help Business Efficiency

Utilizing a headset can greatly improve efficiency in a company setting, and is simply good business. Effective communication tools will keep your business running smoothly, providing your staff with the most modern technology on the market, and allowing your business partners and customers the ability to connect without incident. Headsets

How Structured Cabling & Fiber Optics Aids In Business

Whether you company has recognized it’s need for new cabling, or perhaps requires someone to troubleshoot their existing cable capabilities, new standards and quality of cable and fiber optics are continuously being developed and enhanced to meet the growing demands of business. The Importance of Staying Current with Cabling It

Nortel – No Longer Manufactured, but Still Maintained!

There is a misconception out there that Nortel phone systems are unavailable, have fallen to the wayside to other more “effective” phone systems, or are un-useable in today’s business marketplace because repair and maintenance no longer exists for this brand of phone. However, we are here to dispel that rumor

How To Build Better Business Communication With Allworx

Finding a phone system that is right for your business can sometimes be a daunting task; one that business owners often push to the wayside. Priorities are usually focused more on monetary gain, and as such a phone system is left of the list, mistakenly considered a trivial matter and